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Who We Are


I've always wanted to make the world a beautiful place. Becoming a part of Enso is my attempt at just that, whether its a website, a business card, or an old shack, I'm gonna attempt to make it look GOOD. I might not always hit the mark but I always put my best ideas forward.

Akiil Small

Managing Director

2D Motion Graphics. Film Production. Social Media Content Creation. My ``outside the box`` thinking (along with many years of cartoons, movies, and video games) gives me great and interesting perspective whenever tackling a project. From conception to delivery, my goal is always to make your brand knock the wind out of your audience... in the best possible way of course!

Zwelitsha ``ZEE`` Simela

Executive Producer

I'm a Graphic Designer with a growing passion for all things design. My journey has led me to inspire, experiment and create without boundaries of any kind. Working to heal the souls of the World through my art is apparently a full time job, but I love it!

Sharita Chase

Lead Designer