Getting Ready for Proto TO

Fellow kings and queens as always we would like to thank all our patrons, friends, and family who have helped test, and re-test our work over here in the lab, none of this is possible without all of you. Also we want to let you all know were going to Proto TO

What is Proto TO

Proto TO, founded in 2016, is Toronto’s annual tabletop game design convention. Every year, on the last weekend of September, new (that’s us) and established designers attend the event to test their card, board and role-playing games.

Why are we going?

To get a wider feedback on our art of course.

Are board games even art?! I think so. I’m interpreting an idea then conveying that idea to others.

Anyway we want to get out into the community, see if our ideas make any sense. Also we want to test another game we are making, KINGMAKER. Your read that right, another game.

Your not even finished the first!

I know.

We missed Proto T.O last year and didn’t get to put Dirty Deeds through its paces. Attending was to help us solidify our idea; so with the extra time and work, who knows, a publisher may show interest! Kingmaker has theoretically been in the making alongside DD. A lot of discarded ideas were so good; they just didn’t fit into Dirty Deeds. Never one to let a good experiment go to waste, KINGMAKER was born.

How are we preparing.

Catching spelling mistakes, fixing design issues, tweaking speeds, you know that under the hood stuff. The format is interesting, so we have to maximize our time. It’s a 3 hour block of time where testers will pass and try your game, if they want. So the longer a game lasts, the less test you will get naturally.

What we hope to gain

A better understanding and appreciation of this art format, as well as see others art, for me it’s kinda like a gallery show. I might learn something new

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