Open For Business

In these uncertain times, Enso has finally decided to get its side hustle on! We’ve always been producing content for clients, but with all these great ideas sitting on shelves collecting dust, we felt it was time to really put ourselves out there. SO we’re assembling our ideas, projects, do hickeys, and thing-a-ma-bobs into coherent, high quality products, that we think other people might enjoy!

Our excuse for the longest time had been “NOTIMETODOIT” in response to why we didn’t put our own content out, then it became “NOTENOUGHMONEY”, and we didn’t want to let another excuse pass our lips so this is it. Welcome to the ZEN MARKET.

Things you can expect to see!

Artwork presented in various forms

We got a board game coming out sometime this year

A book or 2

Packages that can help celebrate our favourite holiday

Maybe some clothing, who knows


Well let us know what you want to see, maybe we can make it? Maybe we can’t but you never know until you try right! This is also a challenge to ourselves, to see where our limits lie and to really show off our skills to a whole new set of people. So if there is something you would like to see get in touch with us, it’s easy and we don’t bite.

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About the Author /

I've always wanted to make the world a beautiful place. Becoming a part of Enso is my attempt at just that, whether its a website, a business card, or an old shack, I'm gonna attempt to make it look GOOD. I might not always hit the mark but I always put my best ideas forward.